Valid Names for North America Species

Valid Names for North America Species
Plecoptera Species File
Stonefly Publications from Caddis Press
NABS Plecoptera Workshop Manual
Triennial Meeting of North American Plecoptera Society-2009
New!!! South American Stonefly Book



This Plecoptera Society of North America (PLSA) website is dedicated to the insect order Plecoptera, or stoneflies. Plecoptera comes from the Latin plecto, meaning folded and the Greek pteron, meaning wing, and refers to the ability of adult stoneflies to fold their wings.  Stoneflies worldwide are comprised of 16 families, have a little over 2,000 described species, and reside on every continent except Antarctica.   They are among the most sensitive of aquatic insects, with many species in danger of extinction and severe range reduction.

Our mission is to provide stonefly researchers, aquatic biologists, undergraduate and graduate students, and the general public with information and research tools for North American stoneflies.

A committee has been formed to establish a stable web presence and decide which resources and tools are desirable.

Changes will occur frequently over the next couple of years, so keep looking.

To ask questions about this site, or to suggest resources to add, please contact:

Dr. R. Edward DeWalt
Illinois Natural History Survey
1816 S Oak St.
Champaign, IL 61820 USA